Platform which allows sharing knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine in a routine care.

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Innovation Radar's analysis of this innovation is based on data collected on 03/03/2015

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    This innovation was developed under the CIP project MOMENTUM. Details of this project are provided below:

    Project acronym: MOMENTUM

    Project Title: European Momentum for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice

    Project description: MOMENTUM has, at its heart, building a European momentum for telemedicine to ensure the provision of high quality routine care for its people. Stakeholders will be closely involved. The MOMENTUM Thematic Network will develop a European Union-wide multi-stakeholder platform. At the core of the platform are the “Doers” of telemedicine – those involved with its day-to-day delivery. Its wider community includes stakeholder groups, other actors and the broader public. MOMENTUM has a core set of objectives. It is about creating a platform across which the key players can share their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care so as to build a body of good practice. Working together, they will define a Blueprint that validates a consolidated set of methods supporting the telemedicine service implementation process. Results count. MOMENTUM's outcome will be a vibrant and sustainable network of telemedicine stakeholders. Their responsibilities are to develop and maintain a European Telemedicine Deployment Blueprint that will achieve three results. • It will assist countries and telemedicine “Doers” in their telemedicine implementations, and validate the work of past initiatives. • It will document the roadblocks – the lack of robust methods to support the telemedicine implementation process is perceived as one of them – that obstruct telemedicine implementation in daily practice. • It will propose a set of policy recommendations: these will help to create the enabling environments needed to accelerate overall telemedicine deployment in Europe. It will be a core tool: it will be fundamental to assessing the legal and organisational issues to be addressed in mainstreaming telemedicine at European, regional and local levels. MOMENTUM's ultimate goal is turn telemedicine into a sustainable mechanism.

    Project end date: 31/01/2015

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    • Read more about this project on CORDIS (find names of contact persons and their phone numbers on the CORDIS page)

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