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Innovation Radar's analysis of this innovation is based on data collected on 24/11/2017

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    This innovation was developed under the Horizon 2020 project Details of this project are provided below:

    Project acronym:

    Project Title: Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector

    Project description: will provide an open-source software framework and accompanying Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform for supporting financial transparency, thus enhancing accountability within public sectors, and as a result preventing corruption. A key challenge addressed by is to provide a multi-stakeholder framework which is scalable, easy-to-use, flexible and attractive. The core objectives of project are: * A semantic data model, which will be used to integrate all relevant budget and transaction data, giving a pre-defined structure to the input data. This will enable the integration of data from different public sectors at different levels. This integration can then be exploited by comparing different datasets. * A library of visualisation tools with a user-friendly interface, which will enable stakeholders to visualise available data in different granularity and in different modalities (spatial, temporal, administrative). These tools will enable the scrutiny of data under different lenses, enabling stakeholders to explore any relevant budget allocation. * A library of data mining and comparative analysis tools. This library will enable the aggregation of existing data in order to obtain new outcomes and discover trends and patterns, and potentially forecasting budget measures. * A feedback and citizen engagement interface which enables users to discuss and give feed-back on the provided data, for example, suggesting different priorities for budgeting, or discussing a particular transaction. The open-source framework and portal will integrate these components into a comprehensive portal. The framework will be deployed as a software-as-a-service for thousands of public administrations and millions of citizens. We will apply the project concept to three large-scale pilot scenarios in the domains participatory budgeting, data journalism and corruption prevention.

    Project end date: 31/10/2017

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    • Read more about this project on CORDIS (find names of contact persons and their phone numbers on the CORDIS page)

    • Details of this project on the Horizon 2020 dashboard

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