CNT Treated Prepregs for multi-scale reinforced composites structures
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The EU-funded Research Project
This innovation was developed under the Horizon 2020 project PLATFORM with an end date of 31/01/2018
Description of Project PLATFORM
Two FP7 European projects ELECTRICAL and SARISTU aim to develop methods to manufacture CNT reinforced multifunctional composites compatible with current industrial manufacturing processes. According to the results, three CNT integration strategies appear as promising methods to be driven towards an industrial scale manufacturing process: buckypapers, CNTtreated prepreg and CNT doped nonwoven veils. Although each of the technologies can act separately they can be combined synergistically in a way that a higher multifunctional level can be achieved according to the final requirements of the application. This project aims to develop open access pilot lines for the industrial production of buckypapers, CNT treated prepreg and CNT doped non-woven veils for composite applications in sectors such as Aeronautic and Automotive. The purpose is to efficiently and economically manufacture components using novel developed at a scale suitable for industrial uptake. The developed facilities will not only provide increased capabilities to the operating company but also offer a network of nanorelated manufacturing facilities suited to the needs of related SMEs. A European platform of nanobased pilot lines will be created to which companies, and more precisely SMEs, can gain access and make use of the facilities as well as the experience and knowledge of the operating RTO.The partners will work with existing EU clusters and initiatives aimed at the establishment of an EU nanosafety and regulatory strategy framework to ensure the safe use of these products particularly at an industrial scale. This will be achieved through collaboration with end users to ensure the developed products are accepted within existing health and safety procedures or through the introduction of new ones.PLATFORM proposes solutions that will generate new market opportunities for European Aeronautic and Automotive components manufacturing offering to OEMs new added-value products based on nano-enabled products

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