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Automatic entity extraction from satellite imagery

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    This innovation was developed under the Horizon 2020 project SnapEarth. Details of this project are provided below:

    Project acronym: SnapEarth

    Project Title: Fostering Earth Observation market uptake thanks to natural and holistic access to added value data generated through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies

    Project description: SnapEarth will unlock new value, derive actionable service ideas on top of EO big data collections, and anticipate future priorities by leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies and tools. Thanks to an innovative cloud agnostic product, SafeScale that is already operational on Copernicus RUS project led by CSSI, users and service providers on top of SnapEarth will benefit, in a transparent way, from processing platforms and data collections provided by any of the future C-DIAS and any cloud provider. This cloud brokering solution is providing a performant, cost effective environment, also protecting their investment, for the future third parties which are building their own services. The major breakthrough of SnapEarth comes with a new data analytics service, EarthSignature, which aims to automatically extract semantic information from satellite imagery. The extracted semantic information will be indexed by QWANT search engine and then be easily accessible to a wide range of user communities. EO experts and third parties will be able to train deep learning processing chains using their database of labelled EO images. The database will be near real time enriched. Therefore, SnapEarth allows the market move from analysing EO Big Data towards realizing Fast Data. It makes possible to buy basic imagery analysis as a commodity – much like we buy foundation data today. Several user communities are ready to engage in this new approach. SnapEarth proposes already several pilots projects. The first one (EarthSearch) will boost QWANT number of users through access to this wealth of data through natural language. The second one (EarthPress) involves press users who are very interested having contextual data linked to news. The following ones are linked to several EO vertical markets: EarthClimate, Agri, and Food. The last one EarthSelf-service is dedicated to professional third parties in the same model of the DIAS but ensuring independence.

    Project end date: 31/05/2022

    More info:

    • Read more about this project on CORDIS (find names of contact persons and their phone numbers on the CORDIS page)

    • Details of this project on the Horizon 2020 dashboard

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