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InfoCert S.p.A. is the biggest Certification Authority in Europe and one of the foremost Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP). A leading international name in end-to-end solutions, the company is able to meet all the digitalization-related needs of enterprises and public bodies: a one-stop source in today’s market, given the broad portfolio of digital tools on offer and the ability to incorporate trust services into the business processes of clients. InfoCert creates and implements digitalization solutions that respond fully to specific organizational and business needs and enable integration both with one another and with management applications, guaranteeing the highest standards of security, a frictionless user experience and the necessary level of digital trust, i.e. assurance that the digital transaction is legally valid. InfoCert is an established partner of companies in the Banking, Financial, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Energy, Utilities, Distribution, Health and other sectors, as well as bodies such as Public Administrations, and Professional and Trade Associations. In the eyes of InfoCert, a true template for innovation must cover the digital transaction in its totality, not being restricted merely to single aspects but operating on the entire business process and creating a chain of trust.
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