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All innovations listed above are ranked by freshness of data, i.e. the innovations most recently analysed by Innovation Radar appear at the top

This category includes innovations outperforming in innovation management and innovation readiness. These innovations are technologically mature and show high commitment of the project consortium to bring them to the market. They are considered ‘Ready for the market’.
This category includes innovations for which concrete market-oriented ideas have been put together (e.g. market studies, business plans, end-user engagement). They are considered ‘Advanced on market preparation’. Their commercialisation depends on progressing on technology development.
This category includes innovations progressing on technology development process (e.g. pilots, prototypes, demonstration). They are considered ‘Advanced on technology preparation’. In order to capitalise on the potential of these innovations, the management team needs to focus on transforming a novel technology or research results into a marketable product or service and to prepare its commercialisation.
This category includes innovations, which actively explore value creation opportunities. They are considered ‘Getting things started’. These innovations are in the early phases of technological readiness, but already show high commitment levels from the organisations developing them. Their commercialisation requires efforts in transforming technology into marketable products. Alternatively, this category includes concrete market-oriented ideas, which depend on further progressing on technology development process.